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Frequently asked questions.

If you decide after reading the steps involved to install artificial turf, that you would rather have an experienced installer for your project.  Contact for help with your project.


What is artificial turf made of?

The best artificial turf products are made from polyethylene. If a product is made from Nylon or Rubber spines you will have several undesirable issues.
-Nylon may contain unacceptable levels of lead * Polyethylene does not
-Nylon and Rubber absorbs pet urine & chemicals * Polyethylene does not
-Nylon does not clean easily * Polyethylene does


Why is the backing important?

Some manufacturers use Latex or bio-degradable (soy bean oil mix) or other “fillers” which will break down over time. National Turf products use a primary and secondary urethane backing which will last for many years. Urethane ensures the blades stay in place and is the best backing on the market. The same backing is used in our athletic fields to offer strength and durability. If backing is thicker looking, it feels rubbery, light & flexible, scrapes off easily, then the backing is most likely latex.


How do I measure?

Use the printed layout on the Landscape screen.  Take a measuring tape and measure the entire length and width of your project.  If some areas are shorter than others note on your drawing.  Keep in mind that products are 15 feet wide by 1 foot increments.  It is advisable that you order 1 foot more than what you need to allow room for error.  Remember turf has a grain and the grain needs to all face the same direction. 


How do I pick the right product?

You will want your turf to match the application and the surrounding area. NTS can also provide suggestions based on your needs for children, animals, pools, etc.   NTS has a variety of products manufactured to fit various regions.


Will artificial turf save me money?

Absolutely!  Turf should normally pay for itself in 2 years.  No water, no gardner, very little maintenance and more free time.  Not to mention the added curb appeal that adds financial value to your home.  Some areas also offer water savings rebates so check with your local district. 


Great reasons for artificial turf.

Dogs - turf will not retain odors and liquid will drain through. Dogs running around will not tear up the turf and it will stay green. 

Pools and Hot tubs - chemicals will not discolor, no mud and water will drain through. 

Children - hypo-allergenic, no grass stains.

Fire prone areas - turf is not flammable. 

Hillsides - helps to decrease slides.

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